Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Anglo-German Exceptionalism

Rev. Merrill Richardson, Yale 1839: "Our fathers belonged to that conquering race.... They are the same Cythians still, in their venturous and indomitable spirit... It has been said that the Saxon race has cut off the heads of more Kings than all other races....In coming to New-England the Pilgrims struck good soil.  The soil and the climate are not far different from the homes of their Cythian forefathers.... Sounder minds were never seen in sounder bodies and stronger hearts than theirs.... the people were intelligent; they were the people who composed Cromwell's Ironsides... the men who Macauley and Carlye declared established the liberties of Englishmen.... we would fulfill the mission of our noble ancestors and accomplish the task designed for them by the Almighty.

The New York Times

Published: May 9, 1870