Wednesday, April 27, 2016

NY Times: a Long History of anti-Catholicism

The Times refuses to acknowledge and apologize for it's long history of anti-Catholic Nativism, starting with its role in founding a Republican party which incorporated Know Nothing Nativism.  Here's a sampling from the early days until now.

Times published "No Catholic Need Apply"  job ads

Times egregiously stalks General Sherman's deathbed hoping to shock New York by discovering a Catholic priest.

Times says New York not an American city:  too many Irish.

Times Book Review covers up Nativism of prominent historian who claimed, even though the Union army never recorded the religion of its soldiers, that Catholics refused to fight to free slaves.

The Times ongoing role in covering up deaths of civilians killed by army and police during the 1863 draft riots.

Times shamelessly debating the Irish character while covering up deaths of civilians killed by militia during the "Orange and Green" riots.

Times celebrates the King James Bible, failing to note its controversial role in the city's history

Times features Anglo-German exceptionalism