Thursday, July 27, 2017

Dinner Table Conversation

Mommy:  They're doing a big expansion at the fancy AJ's grocery store.
Daddy:  Oh.
Mommy:  They're still open while the construction's going on.
Dad: are they doing it.
Mommy:  They're expanding into the stores to the left of the store.
Daddy:  Did the restaurant close?
Mommy:  There's no restaurant on the left.
Daddy:  There's been one for years.
Mommy:  No! No! No!  On the left!  Not the right!
Daddy:   The restaurant's on the left side of the store.
Mommy:  No! No! No!
Daddy:   I identify as a grocery store.   The restaurant is on my left.
Daughter:    (Giggles ........ belly laughs........)
Mommy:  Wha.............!
Daddy:   (Laughter... tears)
Mommy:  Stop! You two!
Daddy:  I identify as a car.  I just parked in front of the grocery.   The empty stores are on my left.
Daughter:  What kind of car?
Daddy:  A Maserati.
Mommy:  Excuse me.
Daddy:  You're excused.