Thursday, August 8, 2013

Trinity Church and the United Irishmen

The idea of a Catholic Church in New York City at first was not welcome in some prominent circles.   However, when the Catholics asked New York City's Common Council for a site to build a church, Trinity Church volunteered to lease the Catholics some of their real estate. Later Trinity  cancelled all back rents and transferred title to the Catholics for the land where St. Peter's, the oldest Roman Catholic Church in New York City, was built.   St. Paul's Chapel of Trinity Parish is home to memorials to the old friends and patriots of the United Irish movement Addis Emmet, a New York Attorney General, and Dr. William MacNeven, the devout Catholic who fought NYC's cholera epidemics and published theories on atomic structure. I hope this gives new meaning to the expression "The Irish Never Forget."

The United Irishmen and New York City